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At the studio we offer a partial and full garden design services, planting design, consultancy, plant supply.

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Reinvigorating the planting is the quickest way to transform a space without the need to change the structure of the garden. I can suggest colour combinations and planting styles suitable for the site or a full planting plan based on client and site requirements. I can implement the schemes as part of the service, alternatively the client may wish to use a Planting Plan to carry out the planting themselves.

Planting Design

A full garden redesign includes hard landscape design, product and plant sourcing, a planting plan, and project supervision. This approach is typically required when the current garden structure does not work for the client, perhaps the garden has been neglected for several years or a new extension has changed the way the garden is working. The approach is completely bespoke to the clients requirements and an initial consultation is required to assess which services are included. 

Garden Design & Consultancy Chislehurst, Bromley and South-East London

Plant Sourcing and Installation

Alternatively, I can meet with you to offer bespoke advice on an hourly basis. Perhaps you are getting into gardening but have a few questions and would like some professional advice, or want some ideas that you are looking to implement yourself.

Garden Consultancy

I can source plants from good quality local nurseries and arrange delivery to the site as well providing a planting service according to the completed planting plan.

To discuss the services that best suit you please get in touch

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