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Working drawings and visuals are presented for discussion with the client which give an overall impression of how the garden will look. This will also lay out hard landscaping details including all the information a reputable contractor needs to produce a quote. 

This stage can also include 3D graphics to help you visualise the space, this is particularly useful on sloping sites.

Planting Design


A detailed survey is carried out to identify existing features to remove or retain, and to record all measurements and observations needed to produce the design. In this process we assess boundaries, existing features, trees, levels and drains etc. We also analyse the soil and aspect of the garden to ensure that the plants selected will thrive. 



During the consultation meeting we will discuss what you are looking for in your new garden. This will include your likes and dislikes and any practical requirements that you have from the space. Ideally this meeting is conducted on site and in person. This allows us to also view the space in question. Following this a detailed design brief can be drawn up.

Planting Design
Planting Design


This documentation may include construction drawings, specifications, cross sections and schedules. These documents are required by contractors to cost and build the garden. These documents are then put together to create a tender package and sent to contractors to quote. Once the build is underway, we offer the option for regular site visits to monitor progress and ensure the project is built as per the plans. 


Once we have agreed the presentation plan we can focus on the detail of the planting. Key preferred plants, planting styles and other requirements are taken into account to produce a scale drawing of all plant positions within the garden. Maintenance requirements are an important consideration at this stage to ensure the garden is manageable post-completion. Additionally, a variety of images are used to convey how the planting will look.

Planting Design
Planting Design

It is important that we are able to use our garden, even after dark and well planned and implemented lighting can really show off your beautiful new garden. It is equally easy to get lighting wrong, too little and it is impractical, too much at it looks unsightly. Therefore is is key to plan your lighting when updating your garden.


A new garden needs care and attention to get it looking its best. We are therefore like to provide a care manual for each new garden detailing the steps needed throughout the year to care for your new plants. This can be done by yourself or passed to your gardener.



For every project the process is bespoke to your needs as every project is unique. To get an understanding of what might be involved in your project please get in touch to arrange a consultation.

Planting Design
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