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  • Victoria Legge

New Year, New Garden

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

In the cold, dark winter months we all dream of long days outside enjoying the sunshine. However, it is all too easy hibernate until winter has passed and by the time we emerge, the garden is in full swing. In order to make they very best of our gardens this year, now is the time to get planning.

New Garden

During the winter it is easy for our gardens to become the furthest thing from our minds, we spend very little of our time in them after all. However to get your garden looking at its absolute best from this Spring and into Summer, now is a good time to plan what you are going to do for the coming year. Plants love to go into the ground in early spring, once the worst of the weather is over. They can then take full advantage of the warming weather to establish their roots and emerge out of their winter hibernation. Trees in particular should only be planted when they are dormant to minimise any damage as they go into the ground, not to mention the benefit of natures frequent watering at this time of year!

So on the gloomiest of days when you are dreaming of that summer BBQ, think of what you can do now to make your garden the perfect space for you this year.

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