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Why Hire a Garden Designer?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022


A garden designer will put together a design that’s perfectly in proportion with every aspect of your ideal garden drawn out in detail – right down to the exact plants that you’re going to choose and which location to put them in. This helps you to visualise the final product before any building begins meaning that you make changes before you go ahead with the landscaping, reducing any potential problems and additional costs along the way.

Garden Working Drawings


Not every garden lends itself to every style. Whether it’s the shape, aspect, difficult slopes or soil type a garden designer can identify any problems and suggest innovative solutions so that you can achieve a stunning garden that’s practical too.

Garden Working Drawings


You might have loads of big ideas for your garden but are your ideas realistic? A garden designer will fully understand the costs of labour and structural changes that you want to make and will help you to create your perfect garden at your budget.

Garden Working Drawings


There are many professionals and trades involved in your garden design and build process. A garden designer will have a wide range of professionals that they have worked with in the past and know and trust, saving you time and reducing the risk to you.

Garden Working Drawings


Getting your garden how you want it, especially if you have a large space, can be challenging. You might need professional equipment and complex plans drawn up. A garden designer can help you to pull your garden project together efficiently and ensure that what needs to be done is done in the right order to avoid duplication.

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